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About Us


Our events equip, educate and inspire

We pride ourselves in organising live events (both in-person & virtual) that truly impact the women in our communities. From cooking classes to etiquette lessons, to health-based seminars and business workshops, our Women Today events are too good to miss.

Diet, Nutrition & Healthy Cooking

Business Planning & Finance Seminars

Exercise & Dance Classes

Cancer Awareness Programmes

Mental Health & Wellness


Our Vision is expanding

We are excited to announce our new Women Today Offices in Kenya, the United States and South Africa. We will be launching in Albania, Nigeria, Iraq & Zimbabwe in 2022.


United Kingdom







dallas, texas

United States



Johannesburg/Cape Town

South Africa




Meet our founder

Locardia is the lady behind Women Today. Set up in 2013, Women Today is the result of hard work, dedication to a cause, and a real passion for creating opportunities for change.

Locardia firmly believes that no matter where we start from, we are all capable of moving forward in our lives. We can’t always see the future clearly and we often put off making changes as we fear the unknown and the alternative life these changes may bring.

She knows that in taking that first step we must be strong, knowledgeable and supported. Whether we’re changing jobs, studying for the first time or leaving a violent relationship we must be comfortable with our decisions and plan accordingly. From a small town in Zimbabwe, Locardia moved to UK in 2001.

In 2007, she graduated with BSc Honours in Public Health and Well-Being and, also gained MSc in Health Sciences, Public Health from Teesside University. Supporting women to develop healthier behaviours and lifestyles and promoting mental health and well-being is something she feels strongly about.

Since 2013 Locardia has been working with BME women using an informal approach. She has been inspiring and encouraging them into making positive changes in their lives. Locardia has organised several events through the Women Today group of which she is very proud to be the founder.



Meet our other global leaders

We have a group of dedicated, committed and excellent leaders passionate about bringing empowering change to Women across the globe.

Florence Suji

Florence Suji

Lorencia Rukani Muzondo

Lorencia Rukani Muzondo

Tendai Tigere-Zvimba

Tendai Tigere-Zvimba

Lyndiwe Rukani

Lyndiwe Rukani
Real stories

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If you would like to host an event with us, sponsor one, or simply get in touch please message us, email, or call, and our team will respond immediately.

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