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Our Work

We are all

about the work.

Our passion is people. We use all our resources to do everything we can to empower communities, educate our women and actively transform lives.

our work

Actively being a presence in our local community

Our Outreach Team help through various projects within the North East region. Our mission is to share the love we have for our community so that there is respect, inclusion and equality.

location: kenya & zimbabwe

Our goal is always to share love, support local women & empower through compassion

Our aim is to support our Women Today family worldwide. Our Team in Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe do an amazing job providing essential supplies to our ladies, elderly women, and young girls.

We would love to hear from you

Email us, call us and engage with us on social media. You can follow us and DM us & we'll get back to you straight away.



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