Kudzai is an ingenious children’s book author as well as a contributor to the Women Today CIC. She writes adventure and action-packed series for ages six to nine.

Her popular series “ Mischievous Ralphie in Action” is adventure packed with the best-selling title “Ralphie & The Lost Bottle of Milk” leading to an award nomination ZIMAA Writer of The Year in 2016.

Kudzai won the Enterprise Award in 2015 for her book titles. Alongside, Kudzai enjoys writing and being a storyteller with children of all ages.

In her spare-time, Kudzai focuses on blogging, is a talented photographer and loves travelling. She lives in the North of England, in Middlesbrough.

You can follow Kudzai and see what Ralphie gets up to on Facebook: MischievousRalphieinaction and Instagram: MischievousRalphieInaction.Kudzai Pasirayi|Mischevious Ralphie|Children's Author| Noth East England|Middlesbrough|Women Today