Women Today Visit to Zimbabwe

Our founder, Locardia Chidanyika took a trip to visit her home town, family and surrounding areas in Zimbabwe last December, and what an emptional trip it turned out to be.

Locardia hadn’t seen her family for a number of years, and with her she also took her children; her youngest having very little memory if any of their previous visit to Zimbabwe.

It brought back memories of the life Locardia used to live and was a constant reminder to her of the gratitude she now has for her life in the UK, her family and her day to day experiences.

Part of the trip took her to Bindura Town, in the mashonaland central province of Zimbabwe. Here, Locardia and some of her family gave out donated clothes, shoes, books, toys and sanitary products to the orphaned children. As you can see there were plenty of children and young women who were in desperate need of these donations.

There was much storytelling during the day; tales of struggle, tales of sadness and also tales of beautiful people who have, despite adversity, have continued to look after themselves and their families as best they could.

The work that Women Today does not only services the women here in the UK, who might find themselves in need of support, but also those back at the roots of our founding member as a way to say thank you for giving her the strength and support to build this community of incredible people.